" The Sun and its Power"

** I'll bet you did not know that the sun strikes the earth with 1 million Tera-watts of energy in one day. Much of this "green energy" powers the wind and the waves, but it also heats the atmosphere so that we can survive. Also, due to the earth's rotation, any one longitude only receives about half or 500 thousand Tera-watts. In fact, a solar array (using mono-crystalline panels) ten miles by ten miles could provide all the energy needs here in Texas. That's merely 100 square miles of panels in a state of 268,820 square miles. Plus, it can be up off the ground so we can utilize the space underneath. As of this year Texas is the leader in renewable energy, lets keep up the good work.

Our goal is to have a 1 square mile VLSA in North Texas by 2020 and 30 by the year 2035. We are under way.

  We believe that clean energy is the single most important thing that we can do for the planet. Help us "Make a Geener Planet.

** Data from NOVA "The Earth from Space" at PBS.org

this is the latest estimate from NASA. I have heard many numbers but the point is the earth receives A LOT of energy from the sun.